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Purchase Event Host Cancellation Insurance



Purchase Event Host Cancellation Insurance



    customer object
    email_address emailrequired
    state string

    2-character state code. Either state or postal_code is required when requesting a quote.

    country string

    Possible values: >= 2 characters and <= 2 characters, [US, CA]

    Default value: US

    2-character country code

    postal_code string

    Either state or postal_code is required when requesting a quote.

    first_name stringrequired
    last_name stringrequired
    phone_number string
    street string
    city string
    metadata object
    property name* string
    quote_id stringrequired

    The quote id to purchase

    payment_method objectrequired

    Only one of a card, bank_account or token payment is required.

    card object
    name stringrequired

    Name on card.

    number stringrequired

    Number on card.

    verification stringrequired

    Verification code (CVV).

    month stringrequired

    Month as a number string (e.g. August would be either "08" or "8").

    year stringrequired

    Year as a string (e.g. "2023", i.e. YYYY).

    address_postal_code stringrequired

    Just the postal code (e.g. 04951).

    bank_account object
    currency string
    account_owner_name stringrequired
    routing_number stringrequired
    account_number stringrequired
    account_type stringrequired
    account_owner_type stringrequired
    country string
    token string
    save_for_future_use boolean

    Store the payment information for use in the future.

    subscription boolean


New policy issued

    policy_holder object
    first_name string
    last_name string
    email_address string
    phone_number string
    customer object
    email_address emailrequired
    street string
    city string
    state_object object
    id uuidnullable
    name string
    abbreviation string
    country string
    default_timezone_offset string
    state object
    id uuidnullable
    name string
    abbreviation string
    country string
    default_timezone_offset string
    postal_code string
    country string
    premium_amount int64

    Possible values: >= 50

    The premium amount of the policy. This is typically considered a sub-total. Use total for charging payment methods and displaying amounts to the user.

    policy_number string
    policy_documents object[]
  • Array [
  • id uuidnullable
    master_policy_id uuid
    policy_id uuid
    document_type DocumentType


    storage_bucket string
    storage_key string
  • ]
  • policy_status PolicyStatus


    issued_date date-timenullable
    expiration_date yyyy-mm-ddnullable
    effective_date yyyy-mm-ddnullable
    quote_date date-time
    product object
    id uuidnullable
    name PolicyType

    Possible values: [event-participation-cancellation-insurance, event-host-liability, event-host-cancellation, pet-insurance, shipping, collectibles, medsaver, gap-medical, regsaver, travel, tuition, registration-cancellation, ticket-refund, season-interruption, team-registration]

    friendly_name string
    abbreviation string
    description string
    peril_heading string
    perils string[]
    descriptors string[]
    promotional_header string
    promotional_description string
    promotional_icon string
    accept_action_text string
    decline_action_text string
    legal_disclaimer string
    privacy_policy_url string
    terms_conditions_url string
    additional_policy_purchase_email_message string
    policy_attributes object
    number_of_events int32

    Possible values: >= 1

    contact object

    Contact information regarding policy if policy is being purchased on behalf of the policy holder.

    name stringrequired
    email_address string
    phone_number string
    endorsement_price_changes int64

    For an endorsement, the change in price. A positive price change indicates that the price has increased and the customer will need to pay the difference. A negative price change indicates that the new policy is cheaper and that a refund is needed.

    subscription_premium object

    If this policy supports being billed as a monthly subscription instead of a one-time fee, this field will be present

    payments_required int64

    The number of monthly payments required for this subscription

    payment_amount int64

    The monthly premium to be paid for this subscription

    currency Currency

    Possible values: [USD, CAD]

    total int64

    Total cost of the policy in cents. This is the amount that should be displayed and charged during checkout if the user accepts the insurance purchase.

    taxes_and_fees object[]
  • Array [
  • amount int64
    description string
    type OrderItemTaxFee.Type

    Possible values: [fee, tax]

    included_in_premium boolean
    per_subscription_charge boolean
  • ]
  • quote_id string
    is_test boolean
    metadata object
    property name* string
    checkout_url url