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Getting Started

Vertical Insure is an embedded insurance software solution with a flexible RESTful API that can be accessed using any server-side programming language, and in some situations, client-side langauges such as javascript. The Vertical Insurance API allows you to provide insurance offers to your customers in a customizable format to fit the needs of your platform or website. Along with a RESTful API, Vertical Insure offers a customizable W3C-standard web components to make it easier to provide your customers with insurance offers directly within your user interface without the heavy burden of developing your own user interface for our API. This also ensures that the insurance offers that are presented to your customers meet the standards within the insurance industry for marketing insurance products.

Insurance Quote & Purchase Flow

The general flow is to retrieve a quote either by using our quote API directly, or by displaying our Web Component. If your user wants to purchase the quote, create a payment for our sub merchant account in your payment processor, then send a request to our purchase API with the quote id.

  1. Place our web component, or build your own into your checkout flow.
  2. If a user opted into an insurance purchase when checking out, create a secondary payment with our sub-merchant account for the insurance total when processing the order on your backend.
  3. Call our Purchase API with the payment token and quote ID.

Checkout Flow Overview