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Testing & Debugging

Test and Live Credentials

Every caller is provided with two sets of credentials prefixed with either live_ or test_. Callers can utilize the test_ prefixed credentials to request quotes and issue policies that will be treated as test resources. All of the data provided to our API when using test credentials is secured in the same way live data is, but you should avoid using real PII data when making test API requests. All test policy PDF documents will be watermarked.

Testing Payments

You can test the purchase of a policy with the following card numbers.

Card NumberExpirationCVCPayment Status
4242424242424242Any future dateAny 3 digitsSuccessful
4000000000000002Any future dateAny 3 digitsDeclined

API Request Logs

Most API requests are logged, and are accessible in the partner portal. API Logs can be used for debugging in test mode and understanding why a request failed in live mode.