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Presenting an Offer

Our web components use data from our API to present insurance offers to customers. This is the recommended approach when integrating directly with our API. Legal disclaimers that come from our API are required to be displayed with an offer as they are directly associated with the quote being provided and are required by Department of Insurance regulations.

A quote will provide a product field in the response. Below is a sample snippet of our quote responses with relevant fields.

Note the total value returned will always be in cents. To get a displayable currency value you can simply divide by 100.00

"product": {
"friendly_name": "Event Cancellation Protection",
"perils": [
"Illness (including COVID-19)",
"Weather / Natural Disasters",
"Many other covered reasons"
"descriptors": [
"<b>Get back up to 100%</b> of non-refundable registration fees if the covered participant is forced to withdraw.",
"<b>Over 70 covered reasons</b>, including illness, injury, severe weather, transportation difficulties, and so much more.",
"Coverage begins the day after purchase and </b>extends throughout the entire season. </b>"
"promotional_header": "Add Cancellation Protection",
"promotional_description": "<p>Protect your registration and get your money back in the event of unforeseen circumstances that prevent participation, including sickness (including COVID-19), injury, inclement weather, transportation, job loss and other covered reasons.</p>",
"promotional_icon": "promotional icon 1",
"legal_disclaimer": "<p>battleface Travel Insurance plans are underwritten by Spinnaker Insurance Company (an IL Corporation, NAIC# 24376), with administrative office at One Pluckemin Way, Suite 102, Bedminister, NJ 07921. Plans are offered and administered by battleface Insurance Services LLC, 45 East Lincoln Street, Columbus, OH 43215, National Producer Number 18731960 (FL License number L107363/CA License number 0M75381). <a rel=\"noopener noreferrer\" href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Terms and conditions apply.</a> <a rel=\"noopener noreferrer\" href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">You can view the policy here.</a></p>"
"currency": "USD",
"total": 2145,
"quote_id": "drydi73azc3ee0irt312xim5",

We recommend using these fields when displaying an offer. If you are using our web component, this is taken care of for you. If you want to create your own offer display, below is an example of relevant fields we use to display an offer.